Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Thank you

Just a break in our normal run of weird posts to say thank you to those who have commented, visited and, hopefully, enjoyed this blog in the last two months. I've been blogging for over 7 years but never had such a positive start to a blog nor have I enjoyed writing one so much.

Special thanks to those who have added Moonlight Investigation to their blogroll, it's much appreciated, and I thought I'd say thank you by just sending a little link loving your way! Please do not take offense if I don't add you to my blogroll here... I'm trying to keep it small and relevant (my personal blogs blogroll has sort of got out of hand... lol).

Link love goes to:

Red Wine and Apples

The OddBlog
- The review given to me on Blogged.com was more than a little appreciated. Mega loving to you.

Spookannie -My first follower, promoting me in Australia ghostly forums and now she links to me. You spoil me! :D

Naveed's Realm

Thank you guys, and if you've linked to me, and want a little link loving, let me know... :D


Laura said...

Just came through from an ad on another EC blog. Your quote at the top is my favourite too. Nice to see someone else who keeps it around. :)

Naveed said...

Hey thanks for the "Link Love" Jae.