Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Bad Blogger

My new job, and the commute home, have left me with only a few hours every day to write and, as you can imagine, I just do not feel like it. Now one side affect of leaving one job and starting another is that I'm currently very poor and thus have plenty of time at the weekends to spend writing. So for now I'm just going to do a brief overview of the weird stories that have piqued my interested over the last few days rather than one of my usual stories...

Fish have been filmed at the deepest level yet by a British-Japanese team reports the BBC. They were recorded feeding at a depth of 7.7km, and they seemed none the worse despite the incredible forces being exerted on them at that level. What else might be lurking down there? Another expedition is due to go even deeper in March next year. Can't wait to see what marvels they observe.

Not new, but new to me! Brilliant video of some unusual clouds over Japan.

Here in Britain evolution has given us metal eating worms. Now all we need are some sea borne plastic eating bacteria and things might get a whole lot better for life on this planet.

I bloody spend all year praying for snow, but do I get any? No. Mars on the other hand... oh it gets some. I'm getting jealous of a possibly lifeless planet. Grr...

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