Monday, 6 October 2008

Big Cat In Snodland???

I was born and raised in a "lovely" Kentish town called Snodland. Ok... it isn't all that bad, sure the inhabitants can be a little rough but it is situated between a group of artificial and natural lakes and has some tremendous wildlife (where else could you find most of the amphibian and reptile species of Britain in one place) and beautiful walks. The most exotic things I thought had existed in Snodland were the terrapins who had moved into one of the lakes and my old pet tortoise Thomas (who taught me tortoises aren't always slow but are always sneaky! Every autumn he'd make an escape to my neighbours compost heap to hibernate, always whilst my back was turned for two seconds... I used to wonder what my neighbour thought the first time he dug out a tortoise when shifting his compost!)

But Tetrapod Zoology has a picture of what could be a mystery big cat taken in Snodland!! Personally I think that with the alignment of the head to the body it looks more like a normal moggy but I'm no expert and can't really judge the size.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Link thanks to Kent Big Cat Research

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