Friday, 24 October 2008

Mammoth Quickie

So... one of my favourite things to do is to read and watch the words and broadcasts of crazy folks. That's why one of my favourite sites is Fundies Say The Darndest Things. In a similar vein there's a few Youtube feeds that I indulge in every so often for kicks and giggles. Below is a very recent video from one of the more insane, but strangely sane sounding, youtubers I watch.

Around about 5 and half minutes in he talks about Mammoths freezing and a little slide comes up saying "Along with all the OTHER dinosaurs" (my capitals added). Mammoths were not dinosaurs!! Sadness... even if you believe in a young Earth, surely you can recognise the difference between the dinosauria and mammalia?

So much bad science in that video my head exploded, and it had only just got itself back together after the time he had suggested the LHC was/is (I don't know his timeframe) actually going to create a wormhole to Hell.

But it did remind me of a good post by Nick Redfern about the possible continued survival of mammoths into the modern age


Scumbag Sam said...

What is he TALKING about? The north pole is made of ice, so it couldnt of ever NOT been ice... ok. is he a scientist? I hope not.

Its funny that he talks about it like its factual... No offense to this guy, but I hate this kind of thick headed rambling... there is no getting through to people who believe all this so strongly. The world is out to fool him!

OH MY GOD. I am writing this as I watch.. and its making me mad. haha... sorry, I will stop ranting. Thanks for showing this, I am going to have to send it to everyone I know, just to annoy them!! :D

ps. The planet Nibiru?? huh??

Jae said...

What really bugs me is the idea of the mammoths living on the north pole. They didn't! I think he confuses the north pole with the Arctic region as a whole. Add to that that mammoths were found also outside the arctic region and his arguments falls to piece.

Grrrrrrr.... I too get ranty with these sorts of folks.