Thursday, 11 September 2008

'Voodoo-cursed' woman is jailed

A lady involved in benefit fraud claimed to have been forced into crime due to a "voodoo curse" placed on her family. What on Earth was she thinking? That sort of claim is never going to go down well with our court system, especially as they probably haven't much idea what Voodoo is beyond what they've seen in Bond movies. She even produced human fingers (of an as yet unidentified origin) to back up her case. Thankfully they are not her disabled daughters as she had previously claimed.

As a Nigerian she was probably referring to Vodun, a native African religion that has somehow managed to survive many attempts at stamping it out by colonial masters and more mainstream religious leaders. This is in contrast to the better known voodoo found in places such as Haiti or Louisiana.

Note to all benefit fraudsters: don't bring up an unspecified curse of an obscure (to the British anyway!) religion as your alibi!

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