Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Focus On: Shadow People Part One

I decided to ask a question about the shadow people over at Yahoo Answers to see what experiences people would express. Sadly there was a lot of polarisation between those who believed wholeheartedly that shadow people were real creatures and those who thought they were figments of peoples over active imaginations. Sadly this represents a lack of scientific curiousity in many people. Just to dismiss this phenomenon so easily when so many factors could be at work is ludicrous.

There's some good summaries of the various theories over at Wikipedia's Shadow People article.

We all know my shadow man story. It shows signs of being a case of waking sleep (I was drifting off when I first saw him) but also has the fact I was most definitely awake when I next saw him. I'm not suggesting it was not an hallucination, but am suggesting that waking sleep can only be part of the answer, if it is the answer at all.

Many describe ominous feelings associated with a visit by the Shadow People. Check out the Shadows website for some stories about this, although I feel that website attributes too much malevolence to the phenomenon and brings in too much religion which only clouds the further study of what is going on.

I prefer the The Official Shadowpeople Archives where a greater variety of stories exist allowing a better and more thorough study of shadow people.

The shadow people are a particular interest of mine and I shall be returning to this topic in more detail repeatedly over the course of this blog.

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