Friday, 5 September 2008

Spotlight On: Robin

Robin was kind enough to respond to a Yahoo Answers question and her experiences of the paranormal are extremely interesting. My comments are in italics

I do not claim to be psychic although I do believe that everyone has some psychic abilities at birth that we lose as we age.

I agree with you there. Sadly my abilities seem to have left me quite early on, but at least I got an insight before I became dull and boring! ;)

I heard a female voice say my name from behind me while I was doing dishes in my mother's home. There were no other adults in the house and my children (ages 2 & 4) were asleep. My sister had the same experience a couple of years later.

Roughly what time of day was this? Was there any other instances of strange occurrences at the property or was it just those two times? What age was the house, if you know?

It was 10 - 11 p.m. Other instances: Front Door opening frequently on it's own even though the lock was double checked. The age of the house: Built in the 1930s and was owned by my grandfather (still living) before my parents bought it.

I have had dreams that are so very real; one was of a plane crash where I was walking in a residential area and as I walk around to the back of one house, I find that a plane has crashed and there are body parts in trees and bodies everywhere. Two weeks later to the day there was a crash in a residential area within 30 miles of my home in which a friend's father killed.

I'm sorry to hear about your friends father, it is a shame your dream was not clear enough for you to be able to do anything to avert disaster. As this was a lucid dream did you feel you had any control over your movements in the dream? When you awoke did the emotions felt remain quite intense or did they fade away quickly as they do with normal dreams?

Yes, it was very real and I felt like it was my actual physical body moving through the scene. Oh man, this was SO real. I was shocked at how real it was... again like I was physically at the scene. I called my mother to share the dream with her because I was sorta freaked. 

Once I was on a date at the movies, when I felt a rush of air blow past me and I immediately knew that my cat was just ran over...when I got home she was dead in the street.

This seems to occur relatively frequently, I had an almost identical experience involving the death of my cat when I was younger. Has anything like this occurred to you before or since that incident during waking moments?

I've had things like that happen so often that it's now just kinda normal. I just know things that I couldn't possibly know, for example I know that the phone is going to ring a few minutes before it does.

More recently I participated in paranormal investigations of haunted locations and I have talked to spirits via dowsing rods, asking Yes/No questions, and helped earth-bound spirits go to The Other Side (TOS). And with a visiting spirit that was there to help his elderly wife over to TOS.

Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated! Good luck with your work.

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