Friday, 19 September 2008

News: Robbie Williams Is Not The Most Insane Person In The World

Well we've had his "alien encounter" and now comes this little humourous piece of what I hope is just self promotion rather than real full blown insanity.

Robbie Williams could be abducted by aliens and "come back as an ambassador for their race", an expert claims.

The UK pop star, who is known to have become increasingly fascinated with UFOs in recent months, has been warned he is in danger of being taken from Earth.

Michael Luckman, Director of the New York Centre For Extraterrestrial Research, explained: "Robbie is now becoming a point man for contact with extraterrestrials.

"None of the experiences I've seen are in the same category of what Robbie appears to have experienced. Robbie could easily disappear and then come back as an ambassador for their race."

Luckman warned the singer that his attitude to the phenomenon puts him even more in the firing line. "He's unusually pro-active, even putting his musical career on hold.

"And he is more likely to make contact because of where he is spiritually - he takes it to the max", he continued.

I'm glad to see Mr Luckman is keeping some sensible levels of perspective on the matter. Not! "Spiritually". That word says it all.

He also added:

He said: “This is an unprecedented situation, there’s no guidebook. The aliens could be 1,000 times more intelligent, perhaps 100,000 times more intelligent than humans.

They could also be 10 times or even a 100 times more stupid! Why can't people stop talking out of their arse, it seems obvious Mr Luckman is only after publicity for his conspiracy theories of Government cover ups and alien contact.

We at Moonlight Investigation like to keep an open mind but it's people like Mr Luckman that make us particularly dubious when it comes to ufology.

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Ken said...

"We've got stars directing our fate..."

If aliens come to earth seeking intelligent life, they would certainly be more stupid than humans!

Regardless of his beliefs, I applaud Williams for pursuing a dream. Even when the rest of the world thinks you're insane. Still, if his "celebrity status" makes him more prone to UFO contact, methinks they're overestimating his "celebrity".