Monday, 8 September 2008


Reading this interesting article reminds me of the importance of scepticism. Sceptics are derided a lot across all fields of paranormal research, ufology and the various "weird science" studies. This is a shame.

Scepticism should be the default position of any serious researcher or interested observer. Belief in something one cannot prove without doubt should always be diluted by a healthy dose of scepticism.

I do not believe there is a God, especially a God as represented by organised religion. Now I will never confront someone over their belief in whatever they like unless they state that belief as a certainty. Due to the odd nature of some of the scriptures of organised religions such unreserved faith is a dangerous thing.

The same can be said for some evolutionists. I believe in evolution, and I believe it can be proven based on the evidence available to us today. However I also suggest that should NEW information appear contrary to the theory of evolution it should be considered and if necessary a new theory formulated. That is called science. My belief in evolution is no less strong than my belief in gravity but I don't state either as 100% fact, for to do so would be to express arrogant confidence in the infallibility of human knowledge. And I know that human knowledge is... limited. Just take a look around you next time your in a crowd and you'll see quite a few idiots who would lend support to that assertion.

Next time you claim something to be true remember that you may not be correct. That is a healthy thing to keep in mind, and might give you a different viewpoint on a situation perhaps revealing something you might have missed previously.

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