Tuesday, 19 May 2009


So I was taking my normal walk home through the wonderful part of London known as Deptford when I was struck by a sight I really thought I'd never see. Not only were two Thames Water employees standing in the middle of a busy road with nothing more than some hi-vis vests (as if that's going to save them in Deptford), but one held two dowsing rods and every so often, as cars zoomed past, they would cross and his colleague would bend over and make chalk markings on the spot.

Now, self disclosure here, I used to work for the water board (Three Valleys Water rather than Thames) and I have NEVER heard of water engineers using dowsing to locate water. Hmm... plus... who uses dowsing any more??

Time for a sharp letter to Thames Water requesting their scientific data on dowsing me thinks.

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