Friday, 8 May 2009

Black Triangle UFOs

As seen over Belgium

The word UFO is almost synonymous with "flying saucer" in the public consciousness. But as I'm sure you know they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from the phantom airships, through cigar shapes, flying balls of light and spheres. But the cool one, the X-Files generation UFO, is the black triangle.

Triangular UFOs are not a recent development in ufology (check out a full history here). In fact they are almost as old as our favourite phantom airships, dating back to the 19th Century. One of the first sightings occurred on the 3rd of July 1882 when two luminous triangles, and then later two dark triangles appeared in front of the moon.

On the 12th of July 1946 3 very small silvery triangles were observed in Sweden.

The closer to the modern day we get the more detailed the reports become:

1953: Cleveland, Ohio; Don P. Hollister, a technical writer for the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, saw a UFO pass overhead 6:30pm, September 7. While waxing his car in the backyard, Hollister happened to glance up and noticed a grayish-blue object directly overhead, headed north. The sky was completely overcast, and the UFO appeared to be at less than 3000 feet altitude. It was shaped roughly like an equilateral triangle, but rounded somewhat on the sides and angles, and was rotating around a central axis. The UFO continued on over the visible horizon at constant velocity, disappearing from view after about 5 seconds.

It's interesting because this report from Ohio resembles (except for time of day!) this video report below from Florida. It seems to rotate around a central axis too (the only thing that really makes this video somewhat remarkable).

In 1954 a triangle over Gemeaux, France got a mention in a CIA report. In 1962 two triangular UFOs got reported in the USAF's Project Blue Book.

But it was in the late eighties/early nineties that the triangles stopped being just random reports among various other UFO reports and started their very own "UFO flap". In Belgium of all places...

After that? Well... ever heard of the Phoenix Lights? And as sightings of the craft increase, some people have even claimed to see on on Google Maps, although I think that's just wishful thinking. Look at it. It's not a flying object. It's not a solid object. It's a triangle shaped piece of cleared ground. Anyway...

So. We have reports of triangles in the sky. But what are they? Of course some say aliens, but these are often more likely to be considered military hardware than most other UFOs.

Could it be that these are in fact spy planes called TR-3Bs? Sort of a step up from the black helicopters I suppose. Perhaps they are furthering the cause of the New World Order, or something cooked up during the Cold War to help spy on the Soviets.

Or perhaps they are just normal planes. At night. Which people think are triangular because it's dark.

As always, Dear Constant Reader, that's for you to think about.

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Beach Goat said...

My wife & I, plus another friend, saw this craft in Cayucos, California, on the beach in '93. Two other people were with us who couldn't see it in spite of us pointing right at it, and it was so close and bright we cast shadows at night on the sand. I don't think all folks CAN see it. We are blessed. Size of a football field, silent, red, yellow, & white lights. Hovered directly above, hanging exactly like a brick doesn't. None of us remember it leaving. It was just "Gone".