Friday, 12 June 2009

The Giant Peruvian Snake

In case you've been missing it, the CFZ bloggo has been offering a blow by blow account of a giant snake "discovery" in Peru.

It all started with a story in a newspaper. CFZ picked it up and followed through on it with a rigorous investigation of their own. Turns out it was just a sandbar (quelle surprise). Well probably.

I might be a sympathetic sceptic, but even the more hardcore sceptics should give credit where credits due. CFZ do not just accept any old story, they properly look into the merits of each case. That's why I subscribed to Animals and Men last year and will do so again when I have the money. In the meantime I say check out the Peruvian snake saga, and then explore the rest of the fab articles over there. Anyone with a passing interest in animals, or cryptozoology, will find something of interest on there.

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