Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Change To Your Usual Programming

My laptop is dead. So until I can afford a new one (think years rather than months here people!) I'm afraid there shall be few/no new posts. Sorry guys!!


Gee said...

Damn. That's a shame.

Hope it sorts itself out soon Jae. A world without MI is a world I wouldn't want to be part of.

ManoDogs said...

I agree! I hope you work toward making it more the former (fewer posts) than the latter!

I am always looking for guest-bloggers for The OddBlog, so if maintaining a blog on your own is part of the problem, leave a comment there and I'll add you to the contributors. I'd be honored to have you! And it's an open invitation to anyone else who has the writing chops, as well!

I'm keeping you on my Following list in hopes things change for the better, and wish you all the best, Jae!

Jae said...

Aww... you both are too kind! And I'd always be happy to guest blog at some point in the new year! Merry Christmas to you both!